About Me

My name is Diego Uribe. I was born 46 years ago in Andalusia, South of Spain. I have a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, a  Master in Administration and a Master in English. I came to the United States in 1998 to work in bilingual classrooms in low income district.

I am currently a first grade teacher at T. Roosevelt Elementary School in Compton. I have also been a Curriculum Specialist (English Language Development) and a College professor.

I have 2 books published, participated in several other books with chapters and numerous professional articles in five countries and two continents.  

I am also passionate about online marketing. After several months in Teachers Pay Teachers I decided to open this blog with the hope to offer top online marketing services at the most affordable prices (Teacher's friendly). Because I am a teacher and I know what it takes to work in the "trenches" and the suffering to make a buck. 

Here is a picture of my family at Jefferson Elementary School in Redondo Beach Unified. My beautiful wife Mar, also a 3rd grade teacher, and my twin boys Diego and Hector.

And my niece Carmen with the traditional Andalusian/Flamenco costume.

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